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just got out of the Hospital yesterday late and am still a bit out of it. suffice to cover inquiries, I broke my ankle really, really badly and had have surgery. Will be in and out for next week or so while I ween myself off of the narcotics they gave me.

So if I miss a Birthday or such, Love you and take care of yourselves.

Also falling on three inches of ice hurts a lot.

Happy Holidays all!
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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 8, 2015, 9:26 PM

I've been more than a little insular lately and want to apologize to everyone.

I feel like I've been avoiding people a lot and not leaving the comments you deserve.

Feeling better and will get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Another feature

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 20, 2015, 7:32 PM
Here's another group of people that deserve more recognition than I can give them.
In no particular order:
AT: BlazingBacon by kittyalyst  G: Bluey Dress by kittyalyst  Zee by kittyalyst
Syria (Doodle) 8-18-15 by DamnEvilDog  Red and Yellow (Toned) 7-17-15 by DamnEvilDog  Saphira (Sketch) 6-23-15 by DamnEvilDog
Book Horse Trot by dm29  Dumbgeons and Drags by dm29  May The Horse by dm29
Unnecessary Explosions - Yakugashi by fredrin  Tomu and Sae by the river by fredrin  Kimiko in the Rain by fredrin
Future Captains of Equestria by harwicks-art  Alicorn Pipes by harwicks-art  A Mare Who Leads a Life of Danger by harwicks-art
Reminiscing by Nyanfood  Ayu by Nyanfood  Collab - Fire Dragon Ahri by Nyanfood


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here are a few of the artists I enjoy and a few of there pieces.
In no Particular order:
The dragon princess by Madhurupa  Father and Daughter by Madhurupa  Pimple by Madhurupa

Hard Like a Diamond by Underpable  Happy Whatever by Underpable  Movie Night by Underpable

Braids by GUWEIZ  Goodbye Kaori~ by GUWEIZ  Violet by GUWEIZ

Flip Flap by MissButlerArt   Moving Forward by MissButlerArt

Full Moon color by Baron-Engel  Manhattan 01 by Baron-Engel  Iron Thunder by Baron-Engel

Siblinghooves Social by dm29  Make A Wish by dm29  The Best Brownies by dm29

A More Current Pony Boy by Turtle-Arts  Winnie the Pooh and China 2 by Turtle-Arts  Oh Deer by Turtle-Arts

This is a but a few of the great artists I find awesome here. Will probably cover some more soon
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To all the people that I favorited in last week or so, I'm sorry I have not commented.
Feeling down right now for no real explainable reason so I'm not going to inflict my whininess on anyone.

not truly depressed, just a bit of a pity party with myself. Hate when I get this way.


Take care of yourselves, and I'll talk to you soon.
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Here are a few rules that I have created over the years. Some might be offensive to you, so be warned!

Rule 21: If you live in the USA: If you have been an eligible voter in the past three presidential elections and have not voted, you have no right to complain about the government.
Rule 41: If you use your color, sexual tendencies or religion to belittle, hurt, bully or antagonize anyone else, you are the bad person. Not the other way around.
Rule 36: Suicide is never the way out! If you hate yourself and those that you love that much than you need to see a psychiatrist, now. (this one is built from very personal experience)
Rule 54: Color does NOT matter if you care for others.
Rule 22: Life is to be lived at your pace, do not let the worlds timetable be yours.
Rule 4: Grow the fuck up! (again very personal)
Rule 1: Love all others, especially the unloved and unlovable.
Rule 84: Some people are irredeemable. Love them, but don't let them hurt you with their hate.
Rule 100: Religion is a very personal thing, share if you wish, but do not push yours on others. (the same can be said for Atheists)

Hope I haven't offended too many of you.
I do love you all.
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?  4ish years

  2. What does your username mean?  it's a contraction of my favorite character I played. Mouse was her super name and her real name was marissa Anderson 

  3. Describe yourself in three words.  skips this question

  4. Are you left or right handed? Ambidextrous

  5. What was your first deviation? Dam Sun by mouseanderson

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? not sure

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Manga/anime

  8. What was your first favourite? Bleach Rider by SOS-a

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? not too particular, whatever catches my eye, I guess

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? So Many including:,,,,,

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? can't single out one, want too meet everyone

  1. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? too many to count

  2. What are your preferred tools to create art? Paper and pencil

  3. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Seems odd, but the bathroom

  4. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? too many to think of just one.

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Everything went really well with Susan's surgery on Saturday. They were able to remove most of the growth, with turned out to be a Fibrous non cancerous bone growth.
She is still in recovery, but the prognosis is good that she will have all of her eyesight back. She will be in the Hospital for a week.
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As a father I don't like to admit feelings of fear. I feel like I need to be the strong one, the one that the family can count on to be there, no matter what.
But I am scared, I fear for the life and vision of my older daughter.

Over the last few weeks she's been having trouble with her vision. On Sunday she lost the vision in her right eye. Today we found out why, four days of tests have found a growth between her optic nerves. It is pushing hard on her right optic nerve and touching the left. It has not touched the brain yet, so we have some good news. Surgery is either tomorrow or Monday, she will have a cat-scan early tomorrow morning to find out how they are going to get at it.

I'm asking for your thoughts, prayers and warmth in this trying time.

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Every year I play a concert to celebrate America's independence day.
I have played in one since I was 14, so this was my 33rd.
We usually play almost the same line up of pieces.
But it never gets old.


Because this country, no matter what people want to say, represents freedom.
It is a country of strong diversity, but a singular pride.

I play for those that have and are defending it.
This includes those both in the military and those outside.
Those that fight for freedom and those that strive for equality.

As Americans we must respect both, for that is the freedom we hold dear.
For those that read this and are not American, I am not slighting your countries.
I am simply praising mine.
A country not perfect, but one worth loving and respecting.

And that is worth playing for and always will be.

Happy 4th everyone!
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    It was confirmed a short while that composer James Horner was killed in an airplane crash. This tragic blow to the world takes from us one of Hollywood's greatest composers.
here is a short list of the movie's he composed the music for:
A beautiful mind
Once upon a forest
American tail
Mask of Zorro
and many others...

He will be missed
James Horner
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If I have missed your birthday, I'm sorry.
If I have been slow in responding or have not responded, again, I apologize.

In the last month my work load has doubled and I'm exhausted by the time I get home, sometimes having worked a 12 hour day.
So I'm just throwing out a bit of a warning that I may not be quick to respond for a while until they hire a new person to take some of this off my shoulders.

Good luck out there and love ya all 
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I wonder sometimes whether or not this world is savable.

I'm not meaning in any religious sense but with a sense of fear. Why can't we ever see that hating someone because they disagree with you will get you nowhere. That creating a nightmare out of someone else's dreams is not the path to happiness, but to a place of darkness of your own creation. That being "right" or "left", "gay" or "straight", "religious" or "secular", "colored" or "white" mean NOTHING.

We need, no we must, try to be understanding of all. No Matter what.

We are only one thing in the long run. We are Human.

We make mistakes, we laugh or cry or become angry at all the wrong times. We are not perfect and never will be.
Accept that please.

Thank you for listening and remember to hold and love each other every day.
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Yes I'm still around. I'm having difficulty with my insomnia again. This makes me both uncreative and grouchy
On day 5 without more than 2 hours a sleep a night, hopefully that means I'll crash soon.
I'm also dealing with some minor depression and wishing I could help my daughter with hers. Seems like she wants to get help from anybody but us. *Sigh*
Well if I'm going to keep confessing, I can't stand half my coworkers, They are a bunch of mindless idiots who think that the world revolves around them. My boss is a Woman who hates men and feels they can't do anything but constantly needs my help to do her job. *Bigger Sigh*

I'm not sure how to end this so I will just say:
As always take care of yourselves and love each other. I love you all.

Peace to all and my God have mercy on you and yours.
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All right, I'm going to make some actually make some goals here and I hope all of you will help me stick to it.
I'm asking for that one thing that everyone hates, a bit of support.
1) I will get back to A mouse's tale by the end of March
2) I will finish thing written pieces I started, well.
3) I will start drawing every day 

These are the thing you guys can see. I need you to pester me about them please.

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So much stuff to say, so I'm just going to say it. Sorry for the Jumbliness.
First, I'm nearly better, still a bit depressed and stressed but better.
Second, I'm healthier than I thought. Had a physical yesterday and although the results were not perfect, they were a lot better than my last trip. My eyes are getter worse though, even with my glasses I only have 20/40 vision.
Thirdly, will be going to comicon in Phoenix again this year with my younger daughter Erin (also known as, would love to see anyone else who will be there.
Fourthly, I would to throw out a bunch of music I love. I know these are classical and Movie pieces but give them a listen.
1) Shostakovich's symphony no 5 last movement, vibrant, strong, beautiful and soaring
2) Karim Elmahmoudi's Orbit, an amazing experience to play and to listen to. the composer suggests that you are to imagine looking at the earth from high orbit.
3) Ralph Von William's Antarctica Symphony, a cold yet strident piece
4) Aaron Copeland's A Lincoln portrait, try to find a recording with James Earl Jones narrating.
5) Eric Von Korngold's Captain Blood soundtrack, the best pirate soundtrack...ever
6) John Rutter's Distant Land, You'll want headphones for this one to catch all the words and the nuances
7) Eric Blanke's High healed Shoes, an aria for an Evil Queen, just kidding here. I did compose this piece but it has only been performed once and that was not recorded. Was well received though.

That's all for now, love all of you regardless if I know you yet.
take care of yourself and everyone around you!
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I usually don't put up journals about my health and my state of mind (except to rant). I don't think you guys want to hear about my problems.

I'm going to today because I just have to let it out.

I'm depressed. I hate this time of year because of the memories it brings up of the people I have lost. I buried both of my parents on Christmas Day, 15 years apart. I lost my first fiancée two weeks before my Mom died of a aneurism. I'm not sure why it bothers me so after all these years, but it does. I've seen psychiatrists of all sorts and for a while was given meds to help.

I have a good life and people who love me all around, but I can't seem to shake that feeling of sadness. I think part of it is that my Mom never got to see me do anything, never got to see my girls and my wife. I'm sure this will pass as spring comes about, but please bear with me if I seem "lost" for a few weeks.

I love you all and thanks for listening to an middle age man rattle on. 
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Disenterested Party

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 16, 2014, 8:38 PM
    Sometimes wonder if the evolution of nation must always include a decline due to stupidity.

I was listening to a conversation while I was on the bus that went something like this:

Passenger 1 (greasy looking with a black goatee and blonde hair): "Why can't people just F*cking give me want I need, I mean they already pillaged the F*cking world of everything so they should be able to take f*cking care of me?"
Passenger 2 (preppy looking but with pink hair): "Yah, it's like, you know, my parents that don't just don't get my sexuality. It's my right to be bi and they should just get over it and pay for my friend's tuition too.
P1: They ruined this world, we're f*cking just livin' in it. Give us our rights.
P2: yah!

And on and on.

No, this is not a rant from Fox news. This is a rant from a concerned person who is not sure who is going lead or even survive in future generations.
1) what happens when the money train from their parents goes away?
2) Do they have any other ideas other than to live off the State?
3) What does being bi have to do with any kind of money matters, my parents wouldn't have paid for my girlfriend to go to college.
4) If we have destroyed the world why aren't you trying fix it, rather than living of the "spoils".

All I can to say to this attitude is "grow up." You can't have it your way all the time. Yes I know that all young rebel against the previous generation, but I have never seen a generation that feels so owed. Look if you want to be noticed, have a point to your story! Don't just wallow in "you don't get me" and "just give man", that is both arrogant and stupid. You have to give something before you can receive anything. Also if you think that we here in the US are dictatorial have a gander at Hong Kong were students are being beaten for the right to vote, a right here in the US that almost none of you take advantage of.  Don't give me that your voice doesn't matter because only 8 percent of you voted it would have changed the outcomes of the last 3 elections if you had wanted it to.

I say all of this because I am seriously worried about the future. Please consider my words as a gentle prod and a worried voice of reason. Remember that the rarest sense is Common sense.

I love all of you out there, take care and love each other.

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Feeling more like myself

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 8:49 PM
Hope everyone is okay out there. Have been a bit depressed lately so I haven't been posting much. When my Father in Law passed I went through a lot of conflicting emotions and I had to sort them out. While I was doing that I was also trying to help my wife deal with her pain and be there for my girls.

I've been moody and out of sorts, so I was avoiding everything that wasn't an immediate need. Now that I've slapped some sense into myself  I hope to post a bunch of stuff I started but hadn't finished.

Talk to ya'll later. Love all of you!


journal skin by banishedcatgirl233

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Deveations for Secret Santa Event...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 27, 2014, 9:07 PM
One, sorry for being late with this.
Two, this is for the wonderful lady xmirelle,…

these are the characters I'd like you to pic from:
A mouse's tale part 5 (redraw) by mouseanderson

Missy and white paw by mouseanderson

Astrid, redraw by mouseanderson

Thanks guys!

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